the team

“I am without destination; that is one of the inherited traits of the Diaspora. I am simply where I am; the next thought leads me to the next place.”
– Dionne Brand, A Map to the Door of No Return

Dr. Jessica Marie Johnson, Lab Supervisor

is an Associate Professor of History at John Hopkins University and the author of Wicked Flesh. She is no stranger to invigorating curiosities and prompting thinkers to follow them. Stay tuned to learn more about her forthcoming books; DARK CODEX and EX-SLAVE.

Kevin Ah-Sen,
Solidarity Fellow (Lab Lead)

is a PhD candidate in Educational Psychology (Human Development) in the Faculty of Education at McGill University. His work explores theories and forms of racial and queer subjectivities, death, grief, and their pedagogical im/possibilities, through Black studies, queer theory, and psychoanalysis.

Jessica Newby,
Solidarity Fellow (Lab Lead)

is a PhD candidate in History at Johns Hopkins University. Her research interests are slavery in the 18th and early 19th centuries, enslaved women, family and kinship, sexuality, violence, and mourning throughout the Black Atlantic. 

Samantha Stephens,
Solidarity Fellow

is a PhD candidate in English at the University of Virginia. Her research focuses on the intersection of enslavement and technology in the Black Atlantic. Thinking with Black feminist technologies and Caribbean digital archival methods she blends literary and artistic practices to reimagine Black Caribbean pasts and futures.

⬥Essah Cozett Diaz (Taller Entre Aguas, DSL)
⬥Dr. Sarah Bruno (Taller Entre Aguas, DSL)
⬥Kiana Gonzalez Cedeño (After the Storm, DSL)
⬥Dr. Teona Williams (After the Storm, DSL)